Pro Tube Safety Rail bendingWelcome to Pro Tube Inc.

Pro Tube, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and mechanical tube assemblies. Whether your design is simple or complex, choose Pro Tube for reliable, quality products with fast turnaround times. Pro Tube is well known for its ability to turn small and medium production runs in 10 days or less. Pro Tube is conveniently located in south central Pennsylvania but provides responsive service for customers. We can provide emergency parts in as little as 24 hours with 95% of tubing and fittings in stock.

Pro Tube is ISO 9001 Certified offering its customers quality, value, and cost competitiveness.

Pro Tube is the provider of choice for quality,  leak-free hydraulic and mechanical tube assemblies. Reduce time to market. Choose Pro Tube.

Pro Tube reduces time to market

Reduce time to market with Pro Tube. We help customers meet deadlines, solve problems and reduce both time and cost. We’re a trusted partner for both Fortune 100 and small shops because of our accuracy, timeliness and quality. Read more about why customers choose Pro Tube and why you should too.

High-Quality Tube Assemblies

Pro Tube uses high-quality materials, an experienced engineering and design team and decades of experience to deliver products that are built-to-spec and leak free. Read more about our state-of-the-art facility and end-to-end capabilities.

Complex hydraulic and mechanical tube assemblies

For simple to complex hydraulic and mechanical tube assemblies, Pro Tube is the provider of choice. We provide fast and accurate turnaround for small to medium production runs (25 to 3,000 pieces). Visit our Gallery to view past work or submit your design for pricing.

Reduce cost and lead time

Pro Tube Inc. offers best practices for size, fit and dimensional tolerances that will help reduce cost and lead time while ensuring quality parts with exceptional finish.  If you have a drawing or document to attach, please submit it using the link on the contact page.