The Pro Tube Value


Pro Tube is an industry leader in manufacturing hydraulic and mechanical tubes and a chosen supplier for some of the largest U.S. manufacturers.

Why? Because Pro Tube saves time and money for its customers.

  • Fast, accurate quoting with engineering expertise to help ensure the part being quoted will meet customer specifications.
  • Quick-turn production with reliable quality. Ten days is the average turnaround time but Pro Tube often delivers in 5. Compare Pro Tube’s delivery time and quality to industry competitors!
  • 95% of tubes and fittings are in-stock to meet immediate needs. All in-stock pieces comply with SAE and ASTM standards.
  • VMI process for customers up to 1.5 hours away. Customized delivery schedules for customers outside our VMI footprint.
  • Price competitive at all production runs from one to thousands.

What does Pro Tube’s value promise actually mean to customers?

  • Fewer delays in production related to tubing and fittings
  • Faster time-to-market without compromising quality
  • Improved ability to be competitive and serve customers
  • Reliable product quality thanks to leak-free tested and guaranteed tubing and fittings
  • All backed by reliable service and guaranteed delivery times.

Pro Tube’s benefits directly impact a customer’s bottom line.

Pro Tube is confident in its unique ability to help its customers manage costs, reduce production delays, and become more competitive.

Call 866.PRO.TUBE for a no-obligation assessment or to request a quote!